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InnovAction helps you find novel and creative ways to overcome your biggest roadblocks. We help you get things done.
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Create an Action Plan

You need a tangible plan for implementation. We tap into decades of experience across private, government and not for profit, to help you reframe and overcome, your unique challenges.

Embrace Open Innovation

Open Innovation enables you to nurture ideas and leverage collaboration throughout your organisation and beyond. We help you embrace the best opportunities and avoid waste from misguided, internal competition for resources.

Influence for Growth

Organisational politics is a reality of any significant change. With our help you can identify the best people to recruit into a coalition to achieve the goals you care about.

“Grant and his team have a great deal of knowledge and expertise in the strategic planning and capability development process.

I have benefited from their breadth of experience, understanding of the company’s needs and their ability to positively engage across a wide range of professional disciplines.
Nicholas Burt / CEO, FMA Australia

“Grant is a high caliber facilitator, mentor and coach.

He delivered the Startup Leadership Program in Melbourne with passion,
enthusiasm and professionalism. Grant's good nature, warm approach and wisdom
made the course enjoyable as well as an excellent use of my time.”
Troy Westley / CEO at Operoo

"Grant has proven, time and time again, to be an invaluable source of calm, objective advice that has
had real and positive impacts on me as CEO and Co-Founder of WealthNation and
therefore, the progress of the business.

“When launching a startup, there are always so many
things to get your head around. Big decisions, prioritisation, alternative approaches -
it's a long list and so sound, experienced based advice is critical."
Jason Kaye / Fintech Founder

“Grant and I worked together on several change
Programmes. He brought to the table a professional attitude and ability to work
through difficult cultural issues which are always present within any organisation
going through Transformation and Change.

His insights allowed us to work through change with ease and his knowledge across different sectors brought to the table
many concepts able to be applied in the Financial Services sector. Grant works well across all levels of management right through
to Senior Executive and COO level and he always looks after the client and staff.”
Anna Riccio / Senior Executive

Reframing a challenge

Exploring a situation from a different angle, especially with a trusted and experienced sounding board, makes new possibilities obvious.

Meet Grant

After decades of leadership and corporate project work and a decade of supporting founders, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, across Australia and around the world, I am facilitating an increasing amount of collaboration between them all, through Open Innovation.

I am passionate about helping leaders with courage and a desire to change their world, to find new ways to get started or to scale. I am a specialist facilitator with extensive cross-functional experience, a deep understanding of digital and technology and significant achievements as both an executive and a founder. I help leaders to see their situation more creatively and to grow their business, differently.

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