Corporate Innovation: How will you benefit from it?

Corporate Innovation, CorprIN, should be strategically framed, rigorously executed and precisely measured.

Strategically Framed

Innovation is a concept that means a variety of things to different people. At InnovAction, corporate innovation means doing things differently, in pursuit of your goals and objectives so the first step is to frame your ideas for innovation by your strategy.

Corporate Innovation looks like ...

As with any methodology, corporate innovation initiatives can occur across a wide spectrum, from simple awareness building and minor events to comprehensive, longer term, strategically aligned portfolios of initiatives and investments.

Rigorously Executed

Whatever innovation initiatives you design, they must have a clear business case with expected, measurable benefits and a timeline.  There are many models of corporate innovation implementation and with clear objectives, execution can be monitored and managed.

Reframing a challenge

Exploring a situation from a different angle, especially with a trusted and experienced sounding board, makes new possibilities obvious.
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